Saturday, March 07, 2009

Getting older

(written by someone who is twenty-four.)
I could write a whole bunch of posts about this topic--getting "old"er at twenty-four. I am not silly, I know we are not OLD. But it's definitely a midpoint, or something, between phases. People are finishing degrees, getting married, buying houses, having kids, or packing up and moving. Or packing up and becoming rooted in the same spot. Moving back to New Jersey if they were far away before.
So, there's a lot of opportunity to see people you've known a long time, but weren't able to see on a regular basis for a big chunk of time. (Long = five years or more; big chunk = one year or more) People say things like, "You haven't changed at all" or "No one's changed" or "Has soandso changed?" Of course we're all different--but growth and change are not the same thing. Lately I've found it fascinating how people can be so different from what we were even one year ago, but something about a person, it seems, never changes.

If I were to be accurate, I would say, "No, no one's changed. I just like them more." or "I like them now" (if I did not really like them before.) This makes me happy. Either people are getting nicer...or maybe I'm just becoming less critical with age.