Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have a lot to blog about. Things that have happened, things inspired by conversations I've had, scenery type things - such as this one view of the city (well, "city" I live in) that I sometimes pass on my way to and from work, down one of the side streets - that or the greenish blue (like an old penny) steeple of a church near my house. I can see this steeple from many other places, so it seems familiar. I look at it and think...well, I'm not sure what, but something home-like. This place feels like a home now, but I have the chance to leave soon. I don't know if I will. On the other hand, I don't want to stagnate in New Brunswick.

Anyway, today I went hiking in the Pine Barrens and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!1!!!1!! E. and I spontaneously picked up my friend L., whom I hadn't seen in awhile, and the three of us went hiking and bug collecting. I got some giant wood roaches. It was funny because Elena was going to drop me off at a choral concert instead of at my house - until we realized that I should not walk into the concert 1) in dirty clothes that barely matched 2) carrying a large insect collecting net but most of all, 3) with ziploc bags in my purse that contained live cockroaches.

When did my life get so weird?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life Plan

A friend and I used to post silly Life Plans in our away messages on AIM. She started it. It was something like a list of various dream professions, with every other item on the list being, "Burn out." So I made my own. I can't even remember what was on there, besides "A blues singer" and that was reeeeaaaally out there in terms of what I see myself doing in the future.

And now that future is much closer than I realized. Shortly after changing my graduation date to January 2009, my advisor concocted a way for me to graduate in May 2008. !!!!

My plan had been--and I was pretty comfortable with this, seeing how much I like my life now!--to take the remainder of the classes I needed, which was only two or three things, in the Spring 2008 semester, and then do something like get another internship over the summer. Then I would sign the lease to stay in my current residence for another year, take that one three-credit only-offered-in-the-fall course I needed next fall, and because I'd have this apartment until September 2009, look for a good job in this area, or look for a fun job that paid the bills while I had a nice laid-back life, recharging while I pondered what to do next. Grad school? Scientist job?

Though I suppose there's nothing saying I can't still do this...only have it run from September 2008 until September 2009, as opposed to beginning in December. You know, bum around for an entire year instead of just nine months.

So now I'm reformulating my life plan, and I think that this is it so far:

  • Finish out the current semester and attempt to get A's and B's (I'm kind of already burning out, so it's not such a bad thing that my adviser wants me to GRADUATE NOW)
  • Work on my research over winter break, to make up for not doing much these past two months (oops)
  • Take classes next semester, try not to go crazy in the process, hopefully make time to continue working so that I do not go poor and can afford the final item on my list.
  • Graduate. Hopefully with a two professional certifications, two graduate courses on my transcript, and honors. Oh, and some money and my sanity.
  • Go on two-month North America Road Trip with Marie Elane
  • Write book, or something, about our progress. And also write book (or something) about our previous travels. Maybe write book jointly, and have it available in English, French, and German, and then sell it, and then make enough money to travel somewhere else. And also have a name for ourselves so that we get hired by good jobs.
And then...NO PLAN. Perhaps I should not make a plan for anything after the trip...not until 2008.