Friday, December 01, 2006

Global warming is ruining Christmas

Happy December 1st! Guess what I'm wearing? A tank top!!!!!!!

It is seventy degrees right now. I live in New Jersey!

Let me tell you, it's rather hard to feel any level of Christmas spirit, when one wakes up in the morning sweating. When one is wearing outfits she would have worn to work in July. When honeysuckle is in bloom on a roadside near one's apartment.

Yes, this weird fall weather has created some wardrobe dilemmas. Most of my 65-70 degree weather clothes, while they are appropriate to the temperature, are not appropriate to the season. They are brightly colored, with prints such as large flowers and palm trees. I'm stuck looking silly, being hot, or wearing the same thing every day.

So today, I thought it would work to wear a long black (with a small floral print) skirt and a black tank top. Instead, I just look overdressed for a class called Fungi in the Environment.

Bah humbug.