Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well, it does have "botany" in the title

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think this would blog would be about plants? Ever remotely mention gardening? Based on the name "botanylicious," the description that refers to me as "an aspiring novelist and botanist", and that I do, in fact, have a vegetable garden?

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Entire Garden, Semi-Aerial View


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There used to be three cauliflower plants here

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Arrows indicate where tomatillo plants once grew

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"Summer Squash" or "Death and Destruction"or "Apparently I am just fine at growing ivy and weeds!"

If my professors ever learn of the existence of these photographs, I will probably get kicked out of the Plant Science program.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Forcing the hermit to go outside

Today was the kind of work day in which my only solace was that it was Wednesday/Thursday (depending how exhausted and therefore delusional I was feeling). It was the kind of day that made me, as soon as I got home, run for the fridge, and commence a dinner of pretzels, guacamole, and a bottle of Magner's.
But one of my friends has agreed to go to the local Writers' Roundtable open mic night with me. I was going to just stay home, for fear that the crowd would be nothing but old people; now I can't use that excuse. I lack new material and gas in my car, but I can't just stay in here, hide in my room, and rot in the humidity like my vegetable garden is currently doing.
Time to dredge up some old poems and throw on a jacket! I'll post about how it goes shortly.