Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just a Start

[Editorial note: Perhaps it will make the dullness and jumpiness of the first entry a little more clear if I point out that I was terrified of not being able to speak good German, and that I really hate flying.]

Trip to Germany
July 2005

Reise nach Deutschland
Juli 2005

Started on 7/9/05 in Newark Airport

I'm not going to see my friends and family for three weeks. Tomorrow morning at 2 AM our time but 7:45 AM where I am, I'll be in Germany.
I've gone through so many emotions[;] now I feel almost none.
I'm trying to guess, looking at all the other passengers here, who is American and who is German (or European, at least).
The first time

Everyone here is speaking German.
I can't understand since I'm only hearing a few words every now and then, the rest I just can't hear what they're saying.
I have this fear that I won't be able to understand a word anyone says.
It looks like we're boarding soon.
Goodbye America!

Here I am on the plane! As I boarded, walking behind three German girls my age, blonde, pretty, well-dressed, and speaking so quickly that the only words I understood were "Meine Mutter," I started to feel a little panicky.
The sun is setting behind us. We are going later in the time zones, rushing away from the day in America and into the night over the Atlantic Ocean, yet also rushing through this night into the next morning in Germany.
Oh boy, thunderstorms, bumpy clouds, and the Fasten Seatbelt sign.
Actually, I feel no turbulence, I'm quite content [in really scribbly shaky letters]
OK, we just had dinner. BLECH!
I practically didn't eat my meat, hope that wasn't a mistake, but I think we're getting "light" breakfast later. I ate a small biscuit with unsalted butter slathered on it--once I realized this (and subsequently realized I know the word "Pfeffer" but not the word for "salt"), I opened a salt packet to remedy the situation and dumped salt all over the roll. Yuck!
I tested the overly salty beef and overcooked carrots and then just ate the Bad Caesar Salad and Mashed Potatoes with Green Flecks of Some Kind of Vegetation and Dry Brownie with Topping of Gravel (or at least, very hard sugary things).
What I was going to write before was that by way of sunset, over the blackening clouds was a sliver of orange light now more intense! and very pretty! black clouds, grey blue sky, night falling [the handwriting is too illegible to try to decipher this late at night]