Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Tulips Flourished

An anonymous commenter kindly commented on my last post that it was not boring, and that they wanted to know how the tulips fared.
Photo by Sarah E. Kelsey. CC 2.0.

They not only survived the temperature changes of our late winter, but grew tall and bloomed. The rest of our spring bulbs followed suit. We had two kinds of tulips, crocuses, a small blue-flowering Allium aureum, and an abundance of Scilla siberica, a spring flower to which I attach a lot of affection and some memories.

Scilla siberica. Photo by Sarah E. Kelsey. CC 2.0.
Especially delightful was the success of the checker lilies. I had tried to grow Fritillaria meleagris in previous gardens with no success. I'm not sure if my Portland checker lilies even bloomed before dying. I had such little hope for them in Georgia that I think I deliberately forgot that I planted them. But they grew. They persisted in breaking through Georgia red clay, persisted despite my neglect, and bloomed in at least three different beds in the yard. I hope they come back next year. Perhaps I will plant more this fall.

Look at the cool pattern on the tepals!
That's not a typo; they're really called tepals!
Photo by Sarah E. Kelsey, CC 2.0.
This was a short update between bouts of bar prep. In drafts, I've started further updates on the topics from my last post. A lot has happened in the last four months! I had pneumonia, I got better, I graduated from law school, and now I am studying for the bar exam. I'm doing an online, flexible program, so I have time to do the outside things I like (such as listening to lectures while weeding and reading study materials on the porch). In between studying tasks, I'm still gardening, cooking, reading, taking pictures, and writing. Once I start revising, I'll have more to share with you!

More soon!

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