Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's begun

Despite my determination not to become a stereotype, I certainly felt like one yesterday, rereading the same passage of my torts book over and over again, the Latin refusing to become any less incomprehensible (or Google-able...still need to find a good Latin dictionary on the Internet), becoming angrier and angrier as dictionary websites that might have been able to help me refused to load. HM came home from work to find me still in pajamas, still in the same chair he'd left me in, wild eyes darting around beneath a messy topknot bun, rambling about the Latin. "I was doing so well until I got to this part!" I insisted. "You read it!" I suggested, aware even at the time that this was completely nonsensical.

"I don't know what any of that meant," he said, quite possibly sneakily, quite possibly knowing what he was doing.

"IT SAYS THAT THE DEFENDANT SHOT THE PLAINTIFF BUT IT WAS AN ACCIDENT AND..." on and on and it became clear that despite the mess of Latin, I had understood some of the passage.

When we got to the part about various webpages not loading, no dictionaries, no Latin dictionaries, no, not even Wikipedia, he said, "Are you using Firefox?"

"Why would I use Firefox? Chrome is the best."

"Download Firefox."

I had to open Internet Explorer in order to do this.

HM explained that there is some bug in recent versions of Chrome where it updates Flash, but doesn't properly delete the old version of Flash, so that any website with any Flash on it (such as an ad) starts attempting to load both versions of Flash concurrently, causing the website to crash. So, for now at least, Firefox is the best.

Not only was it helpful to have access to several dictionaries (a regular dictionary, a legal dictionary, and a Latin dictionary), but I was also relieved to learn that my web page woes were not my brand new laptop's fault. Because what I was most upset about wasn't the incomprehensible Latin (I could always ask about that in class on Monday), but a fear that the brand new laptop I had just spent lots of money on was in fact garbage. That by, after four years of Linux use, trusting Windows again instead of putting my faith into Apple, I had made a terrible, expensive mistake.

The other issue was that the free legal dictionary app I downloaded (as a placeholder until I bought a real one--I'm not crazy!) was also garbage. Part of the panicky stress into which I had lapsed was that the definition I'd found for a key word in the passage made the entire thing really make no sense. Because the definition was wrong.

I had hoped to complete enough reading yesterday that I could take Sunday off, unless I felt like reading ahead. I still have Monday reading to do. That's okay; class hasn't even officially started yet, so I have plenty of time to establish a good study schedule.

If I don't find myself able to take off an entire day each week, what I will at least do is set aside time to read and write for fun. So this blog is not going to die (or continue to languish as it did this summer) just because I am in law school. It may or may not take on a bit more anonymity, however. Like most adults, I have to think about my web presence and how it reflects on me professionally. Believe it or not (from the recent sparseness of posts), I have spent some time thinking about my "brand" as a blogger, a writer, and have done things like secure "botanylicious" as a username on different social media platforms. But I don't want "botanylicious" to be an intentional representation of my legal career. I don't think it should be a secret, but more like a thing someone might stumble across accidentally and that's okay. I just don't think that I should intentionally attach a banner of kitten unicorns with bacon wings to my (eventual as-yet-to-be-created) LinkedIn profile, where I am supposed to seem serious. It is important to display a balance of the serious professional and the real person with outside interests, but kittens with bacon wings is over the line. My Flickr account with pictures of flowers--okay. Pictures of kittens with bacon wings and a story about getting blue cheese dressing in my hair--too silly.

So I plan to split my web presence as the law student from my web presence as a silly writer. I am just not sure how. Especially since I plan to write more often; I learned in my last grad program (the one I left for law school) that the more I wrote outside of class, the easier it was to write for class. All writing is writing practice.

I do have drafts of posts about some of the things HM and I discovered upon moving to a new part of the country. (Side note: aren't you glad I didn't rename this blog, "Big-Haired Jersey Girl in Oregon In the South"?) These posts were drafted before our encounter with the giant insects I kind of should have known to expect but sort of forgot about until face to face with one. So pretty soon I'll start compiling drafts and paragraphs from emails into some stories. But for now, I have some reading to do.

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Jes said...

Aw, yay, welcome to Georgia! Even though I'm not in ATL any longer, I miss that place like a madwoman. Be sure to go wildflower hunting in Lullwater Park next spring, there's actually some pretty amazing diversity of native plants back there.

Are you at GA State or Emory? I'm an Emory alumn with a bunch of friends who did law school there--so if that's where you are, awesome, have fun even with all the Latin and crazy workload!