Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Miscellany of further thoughts from Sunday night

Upon realizing how few of Le Guin's works I have read, and how many are left to be read, as well as books by other authors I want to read, the thought occurred to me that too many great things to read exist; therefore life is too short to waste time reading stupid things, like irritating opinion blogs, uninformative and ill-researched web articles, magazines with gimick-y covers and headlines, or bad novels. Life is similarly too short to waste watching TV in which I am not really interested when I could be reading a good book, listening to a good audiobook or podcast, or watching a good movie or TV show. This excludes reading light literature or watching trashy TV as a means of de-stressing. That serves a purpose and is not a waste of time as long as it continues to do so.

I also begun a second sourdough adventure just before leaving to catch my streetcar to Powell's. Sunday's Second Sourdough Saga was bread, the recipe from the same book as the starter and hotcakes recipes, Lowbush Moose (And Other Alaskan Recipes) by Gordon R. Nelson. The recipe requires that twenty-four hours elapse between certain steps, so the dough could not become bread until Monday night. Handsome Man actually baked the loaves, as they had to rise an hour after I shaped them and then bake an hour; I fell asleep too early.

I would like to note that the loaf at the top was shaped into a thin baguette before the second rising. It expanded THAT MUCH.

The bread is good, with a great crust and soft, fluffy bread inside, but it's missing the real sourdough taste, and I might also be not that crazy about white bread. So I plan to try other recipes. 2013 will be the Year of Sourdough and More Advanced Sweaters.

Also please note the beautiful Oregon and Washington table cloth we got for Christmas. It is probably one of my favorite gifts of the year. I always eye up the flour sack towels with this motif and was not even aware that the tablecloth existed!


LS said...

My rule - if a book is still boring or bad after 50 pages, do not persist. Start another book. As you said, there is too much good stuff that is awaiting us, so why waste time on the less-optimal? :)

Sarah said...

I typically trust that rule; however, I persisted with one book well past page 100 because it was for a book club, and I ended up loving it. It was Madame Bovary. I guess I can be a bit more flexible with classics!