Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I may have dislocated my shoulder, but it's a good day anyway

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for my shoulder.

While this is not a good thing, and could end up being expensive, I have had little trouble finding reasons to be positive this evening.

First of all, I got sent home from work today with a gift of wine. I came home to an apartment without HM, who is out, but with the results of his shopping trip; when he called me at work, in the height of shoulder pain, I asked him to buy "cheese. and band-aids, the really big ones for big cuts. Oh, and also beer!" And he did.

There is a cat that lives in our neighborhood who, by the collar she used to wear but now seems to have lost, we know is named, "Mariposa." Mariposa is brown, white, fluffy, and friendly, with a high-pitched mew. Mariposa often hangs out in the driveway that is shared by the house I live in and the next door neighbor's. She rolls around in the sun, mewing, waiting for someone to pet her. Other times, I see her marching down the sidewalk purposefully, as though she ought to be carrying a briefcase. Sometimes, we meet each other on the sidewalk in the morning--Mariposa heading east, purposefully, as I head west, toward the bus stop. I stop to pet her and say, "Well, Mariposa, I really need to catch my bus," and it is only at this time that she agrees as exhibited by her, rather than flopping on the sidewalk and rolling on her back, instead commencing her deliberate eastward march.

Most of the residents of my building adore Mariposa. To see her in the driveway or on our front stoop, waiting to be pet, is a treat.

Today, as I came up a side street from the bus stop, headed toward home, I saw a cat perched on a wall, asking to be pet. The cat was brown, white, and fluffy. I thought, "Is this Mariposa? She looks different!" It looked a bit chubbier, but that could have just been excess fur fluff. I pet Mariposa for awhile before saying, "OK, Mariposa, I have to go home! See you later!"

As I approached the house, however, I saw Mariposa, headed from an angle which would have been impossible for her to have come from where I'd just seen her! Also, she'd lost weight in the last five minutes!

And that was how I realized that the first cat was not Mariposa, and that we have not just Mariposa, but also a second fluffy, friendly, brown and white neighborhood cat.

I got to pet Mariposa and her Doppelganger in the same evening!

So, despite an owie shoulder, it's a good day!

Also, the Eastside Streetcar line opens on Saturday and is FREE all weekend!!!! I plan on going to Cool Moon (ice cream place accessible by streetcar) on one of those days!!!! Just two more things to celebrate! Hooray!

The circumstances of how I injured my shoulder and the ridiculous resulting circumstances will appear in a different post soon.

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