Monday, August 20, 2012

Sea Frenemies

HM commented this weekend that I haven't posted in awhile. Let me tell you a few things, and then ask yourself if you really want me to be posting on here.

Friday night, a little more than two weeks ago, HM and I went to Fred Meyer to buy an air conditioner to prepare for the 100-degree heat wave. Selecting the air conditioner took not much time, not as much time as we spent picking out beer, which was still less time than we spent picking out...

Extension cords.

I am now in a place where I spend a significant part of my Friday nights debating the merits of various extension cords.

That was Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2 is as follows:

Last week, I had a lengthy, detailed dream in which I decided to switch credit unions. The dream dealt with nothing but the process of switching from OnPoint (which I have no intention of doing anytime soon) to Advantis (the ATMs of which I frequently use.)

In case you were about to die of boredom, I present you with a pretty picture.

This is interesting, but not a lengthy story. Two days after the Extension Cord Incident, I explored tide pools in Arch Cape. There, I saw a starfish and stuck my toe on a sea anemone!

That's it. That's the whole story. Click the pictures for a link to the album, where you can find more pictures that tell the story better than I can with words.

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