Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Newest Old Camera

I originally tried to combine this post with a post about picnicking and a recipe, and it just got out of control, a big monster post that was doomed to stay in draft form forever.

So, I've broken it up, and today you will get pictures only. Tomorrow or shortly thereafter, you will get the recipe.

A little more than two weeks ago, I was walking to the Hollywood Farmers Market with two friends. As is common on that route, we passed a garage sale. Something made us stop. I am told it was a mop. No really, there was something about a free mop or a mop for sale that grabbed my friends' attention, whereas I was distracted by something orange in the free box. It was a square scarf! For free. Yippee! You see, I love scarves as well as orange.

It seems we stumbled into the Garage Sale of Destiny. There, I found a pair of sunglasses for 50 cents, which was fortuitous as my previous pair had spontaneously snapped and shattered a few days earlier, as well as another square headscarf for $1. While waiting on line to pay for these items, I spotted something amazing. A black and gray bag with very heavy zippers sat on the table, looking very dark and industrial. One zippered section was slightly ajar, and into its shadowy depths I caught a glimpse of light.

I also caught a glimpse of a price tag. "Camera, Bag, Everything - $12!" The seller seemed at least somewhat aware of the amazingness of this bag, its contents, and its price.

For $13.50 I got two square scarves, a pair of sunglasses, a Pentax K1000, a couple of lenses, a flash, a bunch of filters, a roll of film (B&W and expired eight years ago, but still!), and what was perhaps the best surprise of all - a bunch of photos that were left in the bag. Mostly pictures of an office which, based on the computer monitors, probably came from the early 90's. There's a picture of a Christmas tree, a some pictures of cats (as my friend noted, the film days were full of, "We gotta finish the roll; just take a picture of the cat!"), and the best picture of all - a picture of another man in the office taking the photographer's picture.

Not currently having access to a scanner, I can't share those with you, not yet. But thanks to Fred Meyer's film-to-CD services, I can share with you the first roll I shot at Cannon Beach. The actual first roll I shot was a test roll, and I'd forgotten to remove the UV filter so the pictures are very, very dark. Also, this camera's light meter does not work, even when I replaced the battery. The following are pictures of Cannon Beach from just over two weeks ago, the result of my light meter guesswork.

It's not perfect; a few pictures show that the camera has some light leak issues. If I can't get it fixed, I guess I can use it for a hipster Instagram-like effect.

From Cannon Beach August 2012

Click the link to see the whole album.

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