Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Saturday full of paper

I am writing a paper this weekend.

It is hard. It makes me want to whine, "School is hard. Why am I going to school?" In between moments where I get a flash of inspiration and think, "It's fun designing my very own madeup government programs! It's fun dreaming up ways to address real problems!"

Despite the temperatures in the thirties and the snow of the weekdays, this weekend seems to have brought spring to Portland. Today was 55 and on-and-off sunny and cloudy. Tomorrow is supposed to be 55 and sunny. Despite THE PAPER I have gotten outside a bit, such as to visit the bi-monthly farmers' market. I made my usual stop to buy mini biodynamic apples from Mt. Hood Organic Farms, from a young girl who is selling them to earn enough money for a cat (to care for it, not just to buy the cat.) I stocked up on my favorite root vegetables from Persephone Farm--celeriac, parsnips, turnips, and beets, all things about which not everyone gets excited. (But I do.) HM and I also got some vegetable starts for our roof garden--fennel, dwarf snap peas (don't need to be trellised!!!!!! very exciting news for a roof gardener), spigariello, turnips, and collards.

I have run out of things to say. So here is another picture from the trip to Eugene that I took with Julianna.

This hellebore is called 'Jade Tiger.'

This is the one I bought! It's not the prettiest picture, but you can get an idea of how interesting the variegated petals are. This one is 'Jade Star.'

We got a TV for Christmas, and I love it so much I took a picture. We had an old-fashioned boxy one that we used for movies and video games, but it stopped working, so no more Super Nintendo. This new TV has a receiver for channels. I didn't really understand that there were channels you can get without paying for them. Because I don't think that existed in my hometown. Now I know what "network" TV is. That means I can watch 30 Rock when it is really on, although I end up watching it on Hulu anyway. The really exciting thing is that we get OPB. Now I've seen Oregon Field Guide!!!! An entire TV show about Oregon and nature!!!! Although mostly what I learned was that this is not a show to watch when tipsy, as anything campy or low-budget about it seems really funny, and all of the science seems really complicated. I look forward to watching it in the future, before I've had the one beer it takes to make me tipsy.

That picture, however, is of the OPB radio channel. That's right, no more attempting to stream NPR on my computer! Now I can turn on the radio on the TV with a still picture of a snowy tree! Every few minutes, this changes to a different still picture of something like a park bench, snowman, or frost-edged leaf.

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