Saturday, March 10, 2012

Portland gray

The sun has gone, and it's back to standard Portland gray. (That would actually be a good name for a shade of nail polish or something.) It's not a bad gray, but more of a glowing gray. Nice light comes in through the windows, and the magnolia tree, on which pink-and-white buds have just started to appear, tightly clasped tepals like clenched fists on vertical stems that seem to be pointing or reach toward the sky. The branches of this tree, the tops of the roofs, and the driveways and sidewalks below all shimmer with a thing coating of silvery rain.

Portland gray isn't so bad.

I was not home much this week, so I am looking forward to how I will spend this gray weekend. I am looking forward to cleaning my office, which is still covered in un-put-away laundry and piles of school papers, while I catch up on podcasts. I am looking forward to starting some sewing projects that have been ignored since 2009. I am looking forward to drinking hot coffee or tea while catching up on reading for school. (Or more likely, abandoning schoolbooks for a winter-themed cookbook a friend lent me. And then making something from that book as a last hurrah for winter, before it's time to eat weedy salads.) When it's raining, I don't feel guilty staying indoors.

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Hippy Chick said...

So, what did you do? I love those rainy weekends! If I can, I spend them curled up with a mug of hot something and a good mystery or skein of yarn.

Rainy weekends are good.

I'm really enjoying all the botany references in your posts. Definitely botanylicious!