Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday miscellany, or I hope you don't hate purple things

I realized that today's seen-in-Portland cell phone picture looked very familiar.

Cluster of crocus seen on yesterday evening's walk

I then realized that this blog is starting to look a lot like the blog of last March, which you can find here. Its subtitle should be, "When in doubt, take pictures of things in the apartment and things outside."

A similar picture from last March 12th.

Reviewing that old blog post reminded me of two very important things. #1 - It's been almost a year since HM and I took our road trip to Central/Eastern Oregon to see the John Day Fossil Beds. #2 - It's almost St. Patrick's Day and holy crap! My street is on the parade route! Better remember to move the car so I don't get trapped on the day of the parade!

If you want to see more pictures of spring flowers or just read a great blog about botany and gardening--particularly small space and urban gardening, check out You Grow Girl. I have been reading two of Gayla Trail's books this winter, Grow Great Grub and the newest, Easy Growing. Today I learned that the latter is available for the Nook, and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!! Also, I love the violet photo on today's post. Between this post and her book, I wish I could find a place to buy Viola odorata and start growing them on the roof.

It's raining again today--cold and wet and gray. Back to the winter routine. But it's easy to be a little happier just knowing yesterday (sunny and high 50's) happened.

This morning I had two bizarre public transit incidents. The first is lengthy enough for its own post. The second is short enough, but involved backstory, so I'll save those for tomorrow. I know how I am. I know what's plagued this blog during the busy months of January and February. When I start a lengthy post and have to stop in the middle (because of offline real life), I feel I can't write again until I finish that original draft post. Which seems more and more difficult as time goes on. It's like the unanswered e-mail in an Inbox. Eventually, you reach a point where you're not sure if it's worse to ignore it or worse to finish and send that draft, reminding the person that they e-mailed you in the first place thereby notifying them of your delayed response so that they can get mad at you.

So more tomorrow!

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