Sunday, March 04, 2012

Great weekend!

I took a picture of gorgeous crocuses today, and the website that lets me get pictures off of my phone is not working, so I can't share it with you.

Despite the fact that I spent most of the weekend on a chair, in front of this computer, working on schoolwork, it was a nice weekend. It's hard not to be happy the first days of warm, sunny weather in Portland. Despite my work, I managed to accomplish some productive things such as laundry, contacting the car insurance company about getting on one policy with HM to save money (a story for later), taking my broken laptop to a great local repair shop to find that it was only my power cord that needed replaced, going for at least a half-hour walk every day, baking a loaf of homemade bread (from dough that was in the fridge--the whole thing wasn't done this weekend in the midst of all this schoolwork), making a batch of vegan root vegetable chocolate chili from a 2010 issue of BUST, and beginning to plan this year's garden.

Tomorrow brings rain, but sunny, springy weather is in the forecast. Unfortunately that means time to say goodbye to root vegetables before I'm ready and hello to the greens that wilt in your crisper drawer before you can use them. At least hardy kiwis and green garlic are coming soon, too.

Speaking of root vegetables, a friend lent me a book on winter cooking with all kinds of new ideas for my newfound favorites such as parsnips and celeriac. (I don't believe I've written about it much here, but as far as my kitchen life is concerned, I am obsessed with celeriac. In normal life, don't worry, my mind is not consumed with thoughts of celeriac.) I will have to cram in as many of these as I can before the wilty, flimsy spring salad greens take over.

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