Sunday, March 11, 2012

From Poetry to Policy Analysis: notes from the second homework-filled Sunday this month

That would be the alliterative title of my memoir about my progression (or digression) from an eccentric high schooler who wrote poems the way other people doodle, who wore clothing with poetry written on it to school (but not at the same time that I tried to wear a curtain) in New Jersey, to a Portlander--a resident of a city where the former behavior and sartorial decisions would be acceptable--who is relatively boring, who spends the days in a law office and the nights in a classroom. Nose permanently in a book or computer screen or stack of papers.

The alliterative title of a poem that my former self could pen about my current self--or at least the upcoming week, if the academic calendar and weather forecast are to be trusted--would be, "Days of Reading and Rain."

Complain complain complain. Here I go, back to reading in the rain.

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Hippy Chick said...

Nice. Just the right blend of poetry and complaining to entertain me. :)

I'm the opposite. I was way boring in high school and only now am becoming an interesting person. And I think you might wear poetry, or a curtain, if you could.