Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello again!

The past month has been busy more with everyday interesting things than with major life events. The main culprit responsible for my lengthy blogging hiatus is school; I'm taking a class this quarter with a professor known for high standards and bulky reading assignments. I'm certainly not complaining as I knew that this was the case when I registered for the class, and I decided that I'd rather pay to learn than pay for an easy A.

My days have taken on a pretty regular and pleasant routine this winter. I wake up between 5:30 and 6:45 (ok, that's too much variation to call "regular") and no matter how early I'm up, no matter how much I've prepared the night before, I spend the entire time between waking and 7:45 getting ready for work and then chasing down a bus. I wonder if running to catch buses is responsible for the new ease with which my jeans fit.

Then TriMet drives me to work while I read Newsweek, read a textbook on my Nook, read an old issue of Bust on my Nook, knit, or stare aimlessly out the window. No matter what, I usually stop what I'm doing once we reach the Broadway Bridge so that I can take in the view of the city and the sky over the Willamette, which was first a sunrise that Daylight Savings turned into a dark sky decorated with twinkling city lights, and has lately been a post-sunrise swirl of colored clouds. Some days, as the bus turns south just after crossing the river, I can catch a glimpse of Mount Hood between two tall buildings.

This is where I ran out of steam earlier, when I realized that it is at this point that my days stop having a dependable routine other than going to work, walking to PSU, going to class if I have class, going to a student association meeting if I have a meeting and the inclination to go to it, and otherwise, catching the MAX a short walk from home. If it's Monday, I ride the MAX with a friend. And then I walk home. Or get a ride. If it's Monday, I go to pub trivia. If it's not Monday, it varies.

The one thing that is consistent is that I feel very BUSY, especially with reading for school. And writing for school. But the more I write, the better I write, and so I'm going to endeavor to write here again.

For visual interest, here is a picture of a routine moment--Mount Hood as seen from my walking-MAX-walking commute home.

And from a less routine day, some things besides hellebores at Northwest Garden Nursery's open day this weekend.

You can read more about that day and see some beautiful pictures with actual hellebores in them here at Julianna Swaney's blog.


Hippy Chick said...

I'm hit and miss on my blog, too, due to busy-ness, but you're right. The more I write, the better I write. I am always happy to see your posts in my feed!

Pretty picture of your walking commute!

Sarah said...

Thanks, I especially like that when I look at it, I can see all that bad traffic I'm avoiding!