Friday, November 25, 2011

Writing about writing (other people's)

This is short because I am short on time, not because I am not excited about my friend Jessica's newest project, which she is attempting to fund with Kickstarter. She has already reached 25% of her goal. Please consider helping her get the remaining 75%.

I have known Jessica for close to a decade. I have been friends with her, and I have worked with her in groups and on projects. Jessica has two graduate degrees and although she works full time, every time I talk to her, I learn about some exciting creative project that she is pursuing. I have known her to be organized, driven, and creative. (As well as kind and fun, but that is perhaps not relevant to this project.) (Also, she is a fellow Oxford Comma fan.) What I am saying is that if Jessica sets a goal, I have no doubt that she will meet it. If Jessica is behind a project, I have faith in its success. I have faith that her efforts will yield not only success, but something original, interesting, perhaps revolutionary. That is why I am writing about her project, a new literary magazine, on my blog, and why I am a backer of her project. The link is here.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, if you enjoyed the Thanksgiving poems I linked to yesterday and shared previous Novembers, you will also enjoy my friend's blog The Lox of Knowledge. My friend (whose real name I am withholding, because I'm not sure if she uses it on her blog or not) is a teacher and in addition to blogging about education, she also includes (quite frequently of late), hilarious things her students say.

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