Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Weekend of Not According to Plan

Walking to dinner, I realized I had not posted yet today! I feel the need to note that the timing on my blog sometimes is set to Eastern time, and sometimes makes it look like I posted a day late when I did not!!!!!

So anyway, here's a quick post before Blogger says I posted on Monday and not Sunday.

The weekend did not go according to plan. At. All. I figured I would get some errands done, relax, get some housework done, and do most, if not all, of my reading for Thursday night's class.

The errands I had planned were not so ambitious that they should have detracted from my ability to do housework and homework and relax.

And there was even talk of going to Hood River with Handsome Man, which would have been a day trip, and STILL having enough time for all of these things I had planned. And relaxing.

Ha ha HA.

On Friday, Handsome Man and I went out to dinner for his birthday. More on that later. I had planned that, when we got home, I would get some stock fixin's in the crock pot for the soup I planned to make for dinner on Saturday night. But we got home late and I was too tired, so that didn't happen.

I arose on Saturday bright and early! I got up and industriously made tea and ate a breakfast muffin. And then...I don't know what happened. Suddenly it was two hours later. I was still in pajamas with messy hair. Nothing was in the crock pot. No laundry was sorted, let alone started. No textbooks were read.

A little later than planned, I was off to the farmers' market! Fortunately, this was late enough that it had stopped raining and my friend and I were able to walk there. We walked a mile and a half to the farmers' market. Then we walked to Trader Joe's. Then we walked to a bakery where we ate delicious buttery sugary pastries, because we had earned them! Then we walked another mile and a half home.

It was just after 12:30, so I threw my bags of food on the kitchen floor, thinking it was cold enough in the house and I wouldn't be gone that long because the credit union closes at 1 anyway, and I grabbed my purse making sure I had two forms of ID and my keys and my phone, and I ran to the credit union to open an account.

I did not know it was Move Your Money Day.

I was at the credit union for over an hour. With no knitting, no book, no homework, nothing to write on, and a not-so-smart phone that was out of battery.

I spent a really long time carefully reading the credit card application. And, because I was growing hungry and sort of low on blood sugar, I spent much longer than someone with two and a quarter degrees ought to, miscalculating my monthly income.

An hour and change later, I was walking home, not quite crashing from low blood sugar, my spirits and sanity buoyed by the joy of joining the credit union. There were people complaining about their stupid big banks and people wearing signs that said, "99." I was not wearing a sign like that.

Then some drama happened that I shouldn't talk about for awhile, but I promise to tell you someday.

So then I was MAD. and CRANKY. And TIRED. AND HUNGRY. The problem with low blood sugar is that you become too tired and cranky and disoriented to effectively complete simple tasks like reheating soup. (Note: I do not have a microwave.) So after an hour or so (I may have had the pan on the wrong burner for 45 minutes while I typed crankily vague things on Facebook), I ate soup and tried to get things done!

But I had the beginnings of a bad cold! (Yeah, I know...first the flu, now a cold. Well, it's November.)

Today was similar. Long story short, we did not make it to Hood River. We did make it to the mall, however. We rode the MAX, which has not yet lost its novelty for me. Being crowded into a car with booze-smelling people and smokey-smelling people ranting loudly into phone (or worse, into thin air) has not yet made me lose my delight at living in a place where I can take mass transit downtown...for FREE.

(Non-Oregonians, the MAX is not always free. There is just this part of town where it is free. Sometimes, I walk very far (IN BROAD DAYLIGHT NOT AFTER DARK OR THROUGH BAD NEIGHBORHOODS, FAMILY MEMBERS WHO WORRY) to be able to take the MAX for free, instead of riding the bus.

Giving up on productivity, we did not make dinner at home. We ate a snack, and then split some happy hour stuff. Then we went to the BEST ICE CREAM PLACE IN OREGON if not THE WORLD, which I will also tell you about later.

I'm hoping to get my weekend chores done after work tomorrow. If not, well, at least there was ice cream.

The walls of the bathroom at the ice cream place were decorated with reproductions of postcard correspondence from about a hundred years ago. My favorite is the one with the cat and dog, that says something like, "Oh dear, I do wish he would go home."

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