Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seen while shopping in Portland

Last week, Handsome Man needed to go to Pioneer Place, which, for non-Portlanders, is the name of the mall in downtown Portland. Parking is expensive and stupidly irritating downtown, but there is a MAX stop right at the mall. And we can walk from our home to another MAX stop. It is all in the Free Rail Zone, so the whole trip is free free free. No paying for gas, parking, or the bus.

But HM had never been to Pioneer Place before and had only ridden the MAX once in his life, so he wanted me to go with him. Like a nice girlfriend, I agreed to do this on my day off. (Yes, how magnanimous of me to agree to go to the mall.)

At one point, while he was waiting a long time for something, we agreed to split up. And so, I abandoned HM for H&M. When I first moved to Portland, the closest H&M store was in Seattle. I might have made the three-hour trip up there but for one thing: sales tax. Washington has sales tax. Oregon does not. New Jersey has sales tax, but not on clothing. Thus, I have a somewhat visceral reaction to paying sales tax on clothing.

By the time H&M opened in Portland, it was like the time I gave up chocolate for Lent. I had gone so long without it, that by the time Easter rolled around, I just didn't care about chocolate. And so, I didn't bother going to H&M (especially since I had a phobia of crossing the Willamette) until nearly a year after it opened. When I was visiting New Jersey, I had no reason to go to H&M, so I didn't.

That was how I managed to not step into an H&M for nearly three years.

And when I did last week, my brain nearly short-circuited. I was immediately overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and then euphoria. There were so many pretty things!!!!!

Then I saw this in the retro T-shirt section.

In that moment, I felt old.

And then, when HM was finished with his errand and found me in H&M, I was wandering around, lost, holding the only two items I was considering buying. A berry-colored long-sleeved shirt and a berry-colored tank top, to go with a specific pair of pants and belt and cardigan outfit I have and also just because they are good staples that go with a lot of the other clothing I own. Yup, I hadn't been to H&M for three years and all I could think of to buy were some practical things. I'm getting too old for H&M.

This weekend, I went to DSW with a friend who actually was looking for something. I just had a coupon and thought, "Maybe I'll replace my gray boots that are falling apart, or get another pair of flats."

I own four pairs of the Rocket Dog "Marilyn" flats, plus one pair of the high-heeled style. I know what I like!

From what I could tell, the styles this fall occupy opposite ends of the spectrum, as exhibited in the picture I took of the two pairs of shoes I tried on.

With no in between, it seems women's shoe choices this fall are Blingtacular and Sweaters For Your Feet.

The following is from the nail polish aisle at Fred Meyer, and it speaks for itself.

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