Friday, November 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Miscellany

The day we left Portland for our Thanksgiving trip, we used a Google Offer coupon to have breakfast at Radio Room on NE Alberta. I had never been there before. I had only been near it. It's right next to my former favorite bar, the Bye and Bye. (The Bye and Bye hasn't thrilled me for awhile because it got crowded and the last time I had its signature drink, it was too sweet. Perhaps fame has changed it or time has changed me. In any case, since the reason I don't like going there anymore is that it has become so popular--and Olive-Branch-on-$1-Yuengling-Night-Tuesday crowded--it clearly doesn't need my business or approval to thrive. It was an amicable separation.) Anyway, I never went to the Radio Room because I was under the impression that it was really pricey. Someone told me that, and I believed it. But then I got this coupon.

Long story short, I liked it. And it was so not pricey! The prices were normal. I thought my breakfast was a great value. Mostly, I just wanted to provide this illustration--the pesto scramble I ordered, called the Dr. Seuss, was literally...

green eggs and ham.

Speaking of food that sounds (and perhaps should be) fictional, this was in my parents' pantry.

I haven't tried any yet.

Finally, I found what I hope can be my outfit should we decide to send out Christmas cards again this year. The day we went to the airport, we had difficulty finding a ride. We also weren't that concerned, because we can walk to a MAX stop where one can catch the Red Line and be taken directly to PDX. But what we were not counting on was the volume of rain that would be pouring from the sky that day. Because in Portland, it usually doesn't pour. It sprinkles, mists, or rains lightly. That day, however, it was pouring.

This is not only what I wore to the airport, but also to merely take out the trash.

Note the DOUBLE layer of hooded jackets and the bell bottoms sticking out from under rain pants.

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