Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick note

Since I don't have much time today, I'll post a nice picture.

First, I would like to note that since writing yesterday's post and searching online for mail-order sources of Russian groceries, I am now getting ads on the websites I visit not for mortgages or shoes at Zappo's, but for online dating websites that specialize in matching one with Russian women. ARGH. I guess I could practice my Russian. "My name is Sarah. Ice cream! Paprika! Store! Halva!"

It's the John Day Fossil Beds! It's awfully rainy here today, which could make a person wish to be in the desert.

It's Sunrise Mountain!

The fabric of my dreams from Bolt on NE Alberta. I only got a small square and I made a belt that perfectly matches a pair of pants that I have and a cardigan that I have. I just need a berry-colored shirt to go with it, and I'd have the perfect outfit. Perfect for what? I don't know.

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