Thursday, November 17, 2011

No time to write!

Yesterday, students occupied PSU. They planned a walkout to all demonstrate.

I'm a day late, but I'll be occupying PSU today. I will be occupying a classroom, learning about public policy and how to analyze, change, and implement policy.

I have no time to write more today, and I don't want to risk that I'll forget to write after class tonight. I have to spend the time I would normally be writing working on my presentation for class tonight. So I'd like to share with you someone else's writing. I read a great article for my class called, "Are You an Environmentalist or Do You Work for a Living?" It appears that the full text of it is available here as part of the Google Books preview.

The writer confesses to being an environmentalist, and I am too. But like this writer, I get frustrated with others who identify themselves as environmentalists, and think they are treating things the wrong way, being hypocritical in other ways (ex: my work doesn't directly pollute the environment like, say, spraying pesticides, but sitting in an office isn't really working closely with nature or benefiting nature), and maintaining the adversarial nature that is unfortunately (and unnecessarily) extant in discussions of environment and economy.

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