Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Later fall mornings

Yesterday's pictures were not actually FROM November 1. They were from last week, one of the few days I went anywhere (since most of the week I was home with the flu.) On November 1, when I went to the bus stop, it was actually dark. Not quite pitch black, but dark blue with a misty fog that hung from the sky to the earth. In the time I have not been writing much here, I have come to really enjoy the view of the city, which now feels like my city, that I have during my morning commute. Even if sunrise was long past, there might still be pink and orange clouds to admire twice - in the sky and in the Willamette, as reflections, over which the many bridges stretch with winking, twinkling lights of their own amidst the steadier lights of cars crossing. More recently, it has been sunrise, or perhaps just before, when I get to witness this, and it is really, really beautiful, from the bus or from a car. When I drive to work, I get to see a slightly different view. I stand on my toes and look over the heads of strangers on the bus to see out the window, like a tourist.

I was almost disappointed on dark November 1st to see that I was going to miss the sunrise over the Willamette. Maybe it was just the fog's fault. In the dark, misty blue, all I could see were lights and faint outlines of bridges and buildings. No pink or orange clouds.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! In honor of this day, I present you and my readers with a bouquet of flowers!

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