Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's been awhile!

I started a post last week, about how it's been sunny, and that doesn't happen very often here, so I've been busy enjoying the sun and not inside on the computer writing. I was going to include lots of pictures of ways I've been enjoying the sun. But the pictures weren't on my computer, and then I was very suddenly struck with the flu and did not have the energy to find and upload and organize the pictures.

I hadn't had the flu in years. Or maybe I have, but only for a day or so, and I've just mistaken a 24-hour bug for a really bad cold. I've had lots of bad colds. But it's been so long since I've had the flu - probably since high school - that I did not know what to expect. For example, I thought I could just stay home from work one day and then be rested and ready to go back into my routine a day later. HA HA HA. It is Day 6, and I'm still not well enough to do very much. I feel okay, as long as I'm just lounging around on the couch. It's driving me a little crazy, not being able to move around and be productive.

I'm debating signing up for NaBloPoMo in a couple of days, since this is the official blog-posting month, but that might be crazy, with a trip planned and some academic deadlines coming up. We'll see. But I will be writing more, about some of my adventures of the summer and whatever comes up this fall.

More later!

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