Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jamming (and getting injured)

The preserving of our farmers' market bounty continues. Last night, I made some fridge pickles and my roommate and I dehydrated our super-cheap-great-deal heirloom tomatoes. I also started to make jam, but my handsome roommate had to take over toward the end, as I gave myself a pretty bad steam burn when I lifted the lid of our canner, planning to retrieve the sterilized jars into which I'd be processing and storing Triple Crown blackberry jam.

Triple Crown is just a type of blackberries, by the way. If you have a chance to try them, I recommend that you do. They are great. They have a complex flavor and are sweeter than other blackberries, but not so sweet as to be boring. They have the characteristic blackberry tartness, too.

I've been burned by steam before, but never this badly. Now I know why my mother has always been warning me about getting burned by kitchen steam. I ran my hand under cold water for several sets of five to ten to fifteen minutes, and after awhile, Handsome Man made a late-ish run to Fred Meyer to get aloe vera burn gel...and ten pounds of sugar. Because a little superficial burn isn't going to stop me.

I had visions of myself typing with one hand at work the next day (today). I imagined my blistered left hand fingers would go nicely with the large spider bite I've had on my left wrist for close to three weeks now. (More on that later.) But when I woke up this morning, the steam burn had miraculously healed quite a bit. I completely forgot about it until some hot shower water felt extra hot (but not all that painful) on my left middle finger.

So, I will return to the kitchen and the canner tonight. The jamming will go on. This time, it will be strawberry peach from the same farm as the sweet-deal-tomatoes and the Triple Crown blackberries.

After all, I have a full tube of burn gel!

Below, a picture of our in-progress-but-looking-much-improved kitchen and our haul from the farmers' market.

Oops, had no idea those phone pictures were so blurry!

Happy September and enjoy what's left of summer! It's going to get hot again in Portland this weekend!


Allie Z said...

Your new house looks so organized and cheery, I'm envious. I hope that mine looks like that soon. I'm going to be making several types of jams for Horticulture Club in the coming weeks - elderberry, blueberry, and hopefully grape from fruits we picked. Any advice?

Sarah said...

Thanks! I feel like I should post a picture of what it looks like mid-week, which is chaotic. Also, remember that room in our old place that started out as a sitting room but then became a crazy junk closet? That's what my office looks like. Our living room isn't organized yet, either. The kitchen is the most put-together room of our house because that's what we care about the most.

Jessica said...

Cute kitchen! I love it!