Sunday, September 04, 2011

HOT part two

It's hot in Portland again! But not like last time, when I complained about it. It's not humid this time around. According to the weather thingy on my task bar (or whatever the Linux equivalent is) it's 88 degrees, but it's a dry and manageable 88 degrees. Shade actually feels cool and refreshing and the hot sun, in small doses, feels energizing. I love it! And the nights and early mornings are cool and cloudy. This is what it was like when I moved here two years ago. This is what I was led to believe was a normal Portland summer.

It's a bit late, but I hope this summer sticks around a little while longer!

I do love fall, and I don't mind the rain and gloom, and I moved out here partially because of the mild temperatures year round. But we got a bit cheated out of summer this year, and so as I attempt to sort my office/clothing/everything-that-isn't-shared-or-belongs-in-the-kitchen-or-bathroom room, I look at my favorite fall clothing not with happy anticipation but a loud inward sigh. I'm not looking forward to nine months of rotating the same outfits...gray dress, gray pencil skirt, different top from Old Navy matched with different wacky tights, black sweater dress on the rare below-40F winter days, different pair of knee-high boots. I haven't had enough time to wear my tank tops and strappy dresses.

But forecast for the next few days predicts high temperatures in the high 80's to 90's, so I hope to get my fill! I will wear my strappy dresses as much as possible. Maybe as temperatures cool, I can pair them with tights and cardigans and try to prolong their wearability.

Wow, this was kind of a boring post. After a month of posting every day, I guess I felt the need to check in after a few days. I have a few interesting posts drafted and outlined, but I haven't made the time to edit them yet. Now that there's no deadline, no post-by-midnight-every-day, I won't just post them in a less-edited form...which was a good thing as it kept things from lingering in my drafts folder forever. On the bright side, however, you're saved from some of my inane I-just-need-to-post-something-today posts. And also from the things I write on the days that my opinions are as big as my hair.

For one of my ten readers, I will share the following, as she has told me that my posts about food are the best. We are canning and preserving like crazy here! I think we'll be happy in the winter (and whenever we're invited to a party and don't know what to bring as a host(ess) gift, and when we need some last minute Christmas gifts) when we have jars upon jars of salsa, jam, and pickles, plus vacuum-sealed bags of dried berries and tomatoes. This may be the year that we use our pressure canner for actual pressure canning, not just hot water bath. Whole Foods had a big one day sale on ground beef (grass fed! fitting in with my current craze, which will probably not gradually die down but crash in a fury of styroam-packed Manager's Special pork loin and chicken breasts come wintertime when I'm feeling sunlight-deprived and in need of protein and cranky about how the responsibility for ethical food production has been unfairly shifted onto the consumer) so My Roommate fka Handsome Man is talking about pressure canning homemade chili con carne. We may also vacuum seal and freeze some. My mother gave us a vacuum sealer she wasn't using, and now we are vacuum seal crazed. I found myself thinking today about vacuum sealing some packets of seeds from my garden to mail as gifts to people (not too weird) and then thinking about vacuum sealing ALL of the gifts I want to send to people, like earrings.

Maybe the heat of our oven-like top-floor apartment is cooking my brain a little bit.

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