Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday thoughts

I missed the bus again yesterday. When I got my bus pass, I vowed to use it enough to get my money's worth. This was about 7 bus rides a week, so if I took the bus four out of five weekdays, I would come out ahead.

Well, these past two weeks of moving and settling in are probably the reason that I only took the bus a handful of times. I think I drove to work every day that I went to work. Oh well. It's nice to break up routine once in awhile, to sit in traffic that's getting worse every week, but to only have to travel five miles in it; to listen to my own music; and to have an extra twenty minutes or so at home in the morning. As a side note, even with the extra driving these past two weeks, I have only put four hundred miles in my car since my last oil change. Which was on May 11th.

Anyway, as I was driving home yesterday, stuck sitting still in traffic atop the Marquam Bridge, I could see Mount Saint Helens faintly to the northeast through hazy clouds, and I could see Mount Hood to the southeast through some kind of grating on the side of the bridge. In that moment, I felt not stuck or hot or impatient but lucky. I get to see these beautiful mountains from something as prosaic as Friday evening rush hour. It is also not lost on me that I am extremely lucky to live so close to where I work. I am lucky that, when I miss the bus, I have a car to take to work, and I feel the most lucky that I live on a bus line that goes right to work. No transfers!

I came home to a big package of toilet paper and a bouquet of flowers that My Roommate fka Handsome Man picked up while I was at work!

Then I got to make dinner, which was something I actually wanted to do. It was the first time for two weeks I'd been able to make dinner without feeling rushed. I made a variation of this with vegetables from our gardens. I used Swiss chard, really strong bolted arugula leaves, chives instead of scallions, carrots (from a five-pound lasts-six-months bag from Winco, not from anything remotely homegrown or fresh), and snap peas instead of sprouts. I added garlic and ginger and chile powder, and served it with some sriracha-ish hot sauce we got from a guy in NJ who makes it himself.

While the sesame noodles were chilling, I went for my evening walk around the neighborhood and the adjacent hilly neighborhood of mansions near us. That's where I saw these interesting flowers.

I have no idea what those are. Except some kind of aroids.

[UPDATE: Thanks to my friend and former housemate Allie Z, we now know that these are Zantedeschia albomaculata. The spathes, with the deep purple toward the base, also remind me of Zantedeschia 'Picasso.' For more info and pictures, check out this page about Zantedeschia.]

Some places in Portland don't feel like a city at all. Some spots in the city feel like the Northeast forests I used to wander in when I was a kid, which I used to pretend were enchanted forests. Some spots in the city feel like enchanted forests, like this tunnel of gardens (if you ignore that the path is actually a sidewalk.)

It is blurry. I will have to try taking that picture before 8pm sometime. (Note to family members on the East Coast who worry about me-we are further north here and it gets dark pretty late in the summer, like after 9!)

One final picture of the lovely flowers to which I came home.


Allie Z said...

I think that the aroid is Zantedeschia albomaculata? I was just at the glass flower museum and saw some glass jack-in-the-pulpit. So cool! Have you been there?

Sarah said...

Thanks, Alice! I will update the post with that information. I have never been to the glass flower museum, and it is on my bucket list. Maybe someday I can go there on my way to Acadia National Park.