Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Response to comments (on flares, getting old, and getting flares at Old Navy)

First of all, in case someone doing environmental scanning for Old Navy stumbles across yesterday's post and is annoyed at my use of their image, I would like to note that I am thrilled that Old Navy is selling flares and that they were on sale up to and including this weekend, so that the jeans that were marked $36.94 were actually $19.50 and because I had a $10 coupon, I got them for $9.50.

Because today Portland is behaving like it's not really August--the high is 68 today, and I have seen it warmer here in February--I wore my Hi-Rise Retro Flares to work today. I had an urge to pair it with a scarf wrapped around my hair, like Rhoda Morgenstern, but I resisted. These jeans are so comfortable. I have worn them for at least part of every day since I purchased them. I bought them on Saturday and wore them to opening night of the 15th Ave Hop House. Then I wore them on Sunday's shopping excursion. Then I wore them after work yesterday to go for my evening walk. Today, they make their first appearance in the office, along with my new flats and new gray nail polish. This is the first time I have worn nail polish in at least two years. More on that topic later.

I have always loved flares, and I hope they are here to stay. Boot cut just wasn't ever enough for me. And skinny jeans, too! I love them worn under boots!

Ellen wrote: Now I'm trying to imagine skinny jeans going out, coming back...it's too weird.

I'm sure that will happen someday, but I wish it would not. I for one am thrilled to be living in a world where flares and skinny jeans coexist. Where stonewashed denim is acceptable and so are jeans that might actually be bell bottoms. Where bright colors are okay, too! Happy happy happy!

Elena wrote (and yes, it is not lost on me that my two commenters have similar names.): Flares always annoyed me because they suck for things like hiking where the bottoms of the jeans can be in mud or water.

Elena, you are right. On that note, I would like to point out that flare jeans, as I learned the hard way on Sunday's shopping excursion, are not the appropriate jeans to wear to the bottle return at WinCo. There are some things worse than mud or water into which the bottoms of your flare jeans can drag.


kalin said...

I wear skirts all winter entirely because it rains here and the wet hem on jeans drives me nuts.
I may or may not wear Forever 21 jeggings to avoid the wet pants.

Also I got jeans for $40 this weekend and was feeling good about myself till I read this $9.50 madness. I fail at frugality.

Allie Z said...

I wish my dad still had his red velvet bell bottoms from high school. I would steal those so hard. I do like having jeans that are tight around the calves, so that I can put legwarmers on top of them easily in winter and they don't get wet hems. I bought my only 3 pairs of skinny-calved pants when I was taking horse riding lessons and now they are my 3 favorite pants. (Riding a horse while wearing bell bottoms looks ridiculous and is hard!)