Monday, August 29, 2011

On aging

A few weeks ago, Old Navy sent me an e-mail advertising their upcoming denim sale. What caught my attention was the wording on the following graphic:
You might have to click for that to be legible, but what it says is, "Featuring The New Flares"!!!!!!!!
Does anyone else born in the early-to-mid-80's understand why this was surprising to me? Because since when are flares new!?
Flares were popular for most of my fashion-conscious years. I believe I was in sixth grade when they were first considered in style. This was the same year that "the Rachel" hairstyle was cool. Well, flared jeans outlived the Rachel and claw/butterfly hairclips that were so fashionable in 1996, and their heyday continued through my middle school years, into and to the end of my high school years, and even well into my college years--both times I went to college. It was not until I was near the completion of my second degree that flares gave way to skinny jeans.
Flares had gone beyond being merely "in." They had become the norm. They were as jeans themselves--always cool and simply basic.
I believe there was a time when flares coexisted with skinny jeans, or this may have been after they had shrunken down to "boot cut"'s.
Well, now they're back. Apparently.
I can't say I'm disappointed. They are comfortable and, on hourglass or other wide-hipped figures, flattering.
I took advantage of that denim sale and a $10 coupon and I bought a pair of "new" flares this weekend. These were new-old flares. Old Navy calls them, "Hi-Rise Retro Flare Jeans." They are probably not far from bell bottoms.
But I have to note that I have now lived to see something come into style, be REALLY REALLY in style, go out, and come back again. I think this is a sign of getting old. Moreso than learning to drive a car, or renting one's first apartment, or even working at one's first full-time job or graduating with an advanced degree or marriage or kids or owning a home, it is when you have lived to see (and wear) a type of clothing come into, go out of, and come back into style, that you are truly an adult.


Ellen said...

The reemergence of flares has thrown me off, too. I was in Express when I was home on vacation, looking for a couple new pairs of jeans, and kept seeing flares everywhere. Not just bootcut jeans, you know, but the word: "flares". I had thought for some reason that they were finished and skinny jeans had gained total dominance. Now I'm trying to imagine skinny jeans going out, coming's too weird.

Elena said...

haha i'm pretty sure every pair of jeans i've ever owned has been boot cut. I guess I probably had flares back in middle school. For the record, I have never worn a pair of skinny jeans. Flares always annoyed me because they suck for things like hiking where the bottoms of the jeans can be in mud or water.

Jessica said...

Yes, they WERE the norm!

JENNY said...

I still have and wear flares from when they were popular in high school (which, gulp, was 8-12 years ago)

PP said...

you guys are funny. I had flares when I was in jr. high. In 1973.

so there.