Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New things coming soon

My new roommate is working on a new blog masthead for me. For months, I had a boring, weird, depressing picture of a January sunset in Eastern Montana. It had nothing to do with big hair, Jersey girls, or Oregon. My favorite is probably Summer 2010's (that lasted until winter), in which I gigantically loomed over Trillium Lake at Mount Hood with a big smile, a sparkler, and a flag painted on my arm. But that is too much ME ME ME. So I switched back to the first ever Big-Haired Jersey Girl in Oregon masthead, which you see right now.

He started making it with a picture of me that he thinks his very pretty. He combined it with a picture that he took of Crater Lake, which is also pretty. That seemed to be it. I thought it was too pretty.

"Where's the big hair? I know you think I am pretty, but that's not what Big-Haired Jersey Girl is about! It's know! that time we went camping and had to carry those burning logs and the tent almost blew away and I thought a crazy person was going to come get us! Tripping and falling down! Things like that! And also traveling and plants and big hair!"

I drifted off to sleep and woke up seeing something more promising. But he left before I could upload it. Plus, I have work to do. (This is just a short break.)

Today, before the whiteboard got totally erased, I finally transcribed a list of "Things to Write About" from March or April. So those might be coming soon. It includes such topics as "Anacardiace-cake" and "Lively Art of Writing/Portland-NJ." In my drafts folder on blogger, the two most recent incomplete posts are titled, "Life-changing cake" and "Wild time running errands."

Just so you have something to look forward to.

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