Monday, August 01, 2011

New apartment, new month, new goal

I am officially moved out of the studio of my dreams and into the two bedroom upstairs with My Roommate fka Handsome Man.

As I set up and decorated that apartment, I took lots of pictures, saving them to an album called House Tour. I was convinced that I had written at least one post accompanying all of those pictures, but I guess I did not!

I will not be doing any such thing with the new place for at least a couple of weeks. Because we have moved right in the middle of the final paper due dates of my summer classes.

That is still no excuse not to try NaBloPoMo. After all, I have Internet! I can post at least a short message, or maybe just a picture, each day. And there are always the NaBloPoMo prompts.

This month's theme is fiction, and today's prompt is, "What is your favorite book?" A nice, easy question to start off the month. Or is it!? Who has a favorite book!? Maybe I should narrow the focus of that question? Who, with an English degree, has a favorite book? Do any writers have favorite books? Do people who love to read ever have just one favorite book?

I never have a favorite anything. I can tell you some books that, if I had a favorite book, might be in the running. I have read and reread Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi many times. I'd like to read all of the books referenced by that book, too, but so far I haven't even read Lolita. George Eliot is one of my favorite writers, but that might be based on an average of things I liked from all of her books I've read and passages of books I never finished. I'm not sure I could really say that The Mill on the Floss or Middlemarch really is my favorite book.

When I was younger, my all-time favorite author was Tamora Pierce. Picking a favorite book out of a series is not something I can do, but I can tell you that I preferred her first quartet to any others. The Song of the Lioness books, of which I have signed copies in New Jersey, will always be special to me. I have never reread them as an adult, and I suppose I should.

Here's something you might not know--when I am under stress from school or from other things in life, my secret (well, not so secret anymore!) retreat is to reread books I liked as a kid. And then I started reading children's books I had never read before. That is how I finally read books I somehow missed out on as a child, such as Catherine Called Birdy and Little House on the Prairie.

Readers, what is your favorite book? Do you even have a favorite book? How can you choose!?

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Jessica said...

I also love re-reading books from childhood! I agree, I hate having to pinpoint a "favorite" book. You can have a book that was really influential in moving you as a person, but that doesn't mean you want to reread it a hundred times. I just think of it in terms of "books I like" I guess. Makes me think of Nick Hornby's book High Fidelity when the character spends his life making pointless top five albums, then he's actually asked in an interview what his top five albums are... he chokes and emails the reporter a bunch of times revising the list. Craaaaazy.