Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Miscellaneous photographs from recent adventures

As my final week of summer classes keeps me busy, I will be posting photographs of things I've seen recently, and some from the traveling I've done, but barely documented in words, since last spring.

Today, I am going to share with you one of my favorite places in the world, Leonard J. Buck Garden in Far Hills, New Jersey. A short drive west will take you to Willowwood Arboretum in Pottersville, NJ, another beautiful and peaceful place to spend time.

An insect I am no longer able to identify, hanging out on an iris.

Adiantum pedatum and other ferns, not so restrained as yesterday's fern baby.

Taken from the ground, looking up through the leaves of some kind of begonia.

Here is where my camera went wacky. The camera I bought last February has some kind of film transport issue which the camera store has been unable to fix.

The witch-hat-shaped insect leaf gall that gives witch hazels their name, with a gate from Willowwood superimposed over half of the picture.

The result of my broken camera is that while it sometimes operates just fine, it also sometimes gives me pictures like the following:

Gate and flowers at Willowwood Arboretum.

Well, I will save more of Willowwood Arboretum and other adventures for another day.

By the way, today's NaBloPoMo prompt was, "Have you ever wished you could enter a book?"

I'm afraid my answer to that question is a very uninteresting, "NO!" I am too pragmatic. Much as I would like to have the opportunity to befriend Anne Shirley, to have her confirm my suspicions that I am a kindred spirit, and as much as I would love to see the wild places of 19th-century Prince Edward Island with my own eyes, I wouldn't want to hang out there very long. I'd start to miss things like indoor plumbing, my e-mail, and readily-available ethnic food. This may explain why books and movies about characters who inadvertently get trapped in their favorite stories have always made me very anxious. I am ashamed to tell you how much time I spent, while watching Lost in Austen, thinking, "Yeah, she gets to smooch Mr. Darcy, but doesn't she miss flush toilets and hot showers?" (How did I get from pictures of beautiful gardens to THIS?)

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