Thursday, August 18, 2011

The last book I read

Today's prompt is, "What was the last book you read?" Funny you should ask that, NaBloPoMo, because that is relevant to what I planned to write about this week. The last book I read was The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball, a memoir by a city-girl-turned-farmer (to oversimplify things) about her first year with her now husband, starting a community-supported full food farm in upstate New York.

The book describes, along with the trials and tribulations of farming in the 21st century, the wealth of delicious food that comes with a lifestyle that in all other respects would be viewed as anything but wealthy, and the accompanying joy the preparation of that food brings. These descriptions are probably what inspired my crazy farmers market shopping spree last weekend. We have been enjoying the benefits (and work!) from that all week. In some ways, we are rushing to prepare it all before it goes bad. With farmers market produce, you never know if it's going to last a really really really long time, because it's so fresh, or if it's going to go bad in a day, because it is some special variety that maybe tastes great but doesn't last long and also it was picked at the peak of ripeness and then rode in a truck and then sat in the hot sun and then bounced around in my market bag all the way home. At least, this is my experience.

The book made the preparation of such food for someone you love seem like such a joyous act. It made me want to do that very thing! So I bought some grass-fed steak. More on that later.

When I go to these markets, I also impulsively purchase things I've never heard of before, especially if they are only $2, whether the farmer tells me it's something wonderful and special or even if the farmer (who is really a hired market helper) tells me, "I have no idea if that's any good. I've never had it before." In that category this week, I have two kinds of greens--bietola, an Italian green, and yam leaves, about which all I currently know is, "Use them in stir fries."

Last night we had the yam leaves. They were good! That's all I can tell you today, because I have another writing project to work on. But I can tell you that my next adventure, which I expect to report back to you in tomorrow's post, was inspired by the last book I read, involves something purchased over the weekend at the farmers market, and it begins with the same letters as the thing I just told you about (yam leaves). See you tomorrow!

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