Sunday, August 07, 2011

I've picked the song for my next big karaoke performance

A few clarifications from yesterday's post. First of all, I did not intend to suggest that anyone I know falls particularly into that category of global-warming-believers or pro-or-anti-abortion-rights who is more interested in their own ego or their own affiliation with a group, than they are in the actual cause. So, do not read that and think I am talking about you. I'm probably not. I do not read your writings about global warming and roll my eyes.

A second clarification is to give credit to the Multnomah County Library where that credit is due. Though it won't get my anti-feminist book for me so that I don't have to pay (aside from taxes) to read it, it is in most respects a wonderful library system. (So are New Jersey libraries, so I've been pretty spoiled.) Anyway, I can't criticize you too much, Multnomah County Library, because you got me Iggy Pop CDs.

It all started because I was listening to David Bowie a lot. Thanks to the Multnomah County Library, again, for supplementing my current option of Aladdin Sane with a two-disc collection the name of which I have forgotten at the moment. What started that, most likely, was a party that The Roommate fka Handsome Man and I attended in late April. It was David Bowie themed. I dressed as Sarah from the Labyrinth. Why, yes, there are pictures! I look like a marshmallow in them. (And I can't find any on my computer, so I'll have to get them from TRfkaHM before I can share them with you.) Anyway, listening to the CD from the library, I stopped one day and thought, "Wow, I forgot about these songs! I really like them!" One in particular was "China Girl." I became interested in the lyrics, to which I'd been only half-listening. From the depths of what I heard as, "blahblahblahblah little China Girl, blahblahblahblah," some words stood out and grabbed my attention.

As a side note, I still hear the song (both versions--but I'll get to that later) as something like this:

I hhmm hmm blah bmhmhmhmm, Little China Girl.
La la doo doo la la hmmm hmm, Little China Girl.
I hear her heart beating, LOUD as THUNDER!
[note: maybe neither Bowie nor Pop emphasizes that line so much--but I do. When I sing in the car.]
Hrrrm crashing hrrrmmmmm.
I stumble into town, just like a sacred cow, visions of swastikas
-Wait, WHAT? What about swastikas!? blah blha blha BLAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Hmm hmmm hmm China Girl, you shouldn't mess with me.
Blah blah blah blah RULE THE WORLD! blah blah blah blah China Girl
Blah blah blah blah SHHHHHHHHHHH.

One day, in between packing, avoiding reading judicial opinions, and a few drinks*, I thought, "What the hell is this song about? Ruling the world? Swastikas? Cows? or is it Clowns?! WHAT?"

*Actually, in between the consumption of the one beer it now takes to get me tipsy.

The Wikipedia entry told me nothing, except that the song was actually co-written by Iggy Pop, and then I was like, "That's right! I used to listen to Iggy Pop! I love Iggy Pop! AND David Bowie! I used to have Lust for Life and Raw Power. OMG they aren't on this computer!"

Multnomah County Library to the rescue. This Saturday, I marched to the library quite purposefully at quarter to 6, scooting in the door at about five of, and from the holds shelf obtained both Lust for Life and Raw Power, and I'd already gotten The Idiot a week previously.

And that is why I had three Iggy Pop albums to listen to while unpacking and organizing my office this weekend. Thank you, Multnomah County Library.

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