Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Time Running Errands

It is summer at the farmers markets now, too, even though it is a lovely, cool 68F right now. Farmers market season is when I become happily overwhelmed, with the potential of making myself miserably overwhelmed if and when things start to wilt in my refrigerator. My Newest Neighbor and I walked to two different farmers markets today. That made three farmers markets this weekend, making up for all of the weeks this summer I was not able go to any.

But yeah, overwhelming....For example, as soon as I stop typing this post (which is short, and may not be the only thing I post today), I am going to get up and make bread from scratch. Which would be enough for one Sunday for some people. But I am going to try to make two kinds of bread--pita, and baguettes. And then I am going to try to prep some other food for the week, and also organize the parts of our apartment that are still Land of Dangerous Box Stacks and Mysterious Piles and oh yeah, I have to finish the draft of a grant application, too...

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