Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Correction on French Cuisine and TriMet

Earlier this month, I wrote about and posted my grandmere's recipe for clafoutis. The translated version I had was from my mother, and it was incomplete. My mother wrote to include the previously omitted details, and now I am sharing them with you.

Below is the revised Recette de Clafoutis:


2-3 EGGS
And according to Grandmere the most important ingredient, a pinch of salt!

COOK IN A PIE PLATE AT I don't have that. oops.Temp 450 degrees for 15 mins and then 325 for 45 mins to 1 hour or when cooked.

If you cannot stomach the pits of cherries, other fruit works well in this recipe. My mother recommends pears. Peaches also work.

Also, I spoke too soon about the bus. Perhaps not my recent praise of TriMet, but my evaluation of my new bus route and driver was premature. The same driver took me home yesterday, and he was neither as friendly or as calm as he'd been the day before. He scrutinized my bus pass (which bus drivers never do; you could show them a credit card or a post it note and they'd probably still let you on) and then, as I walked to my seat, called me back so he could see it AGAIN. Dude, you saw it yesterday! It wasn't a problem yesterday, was it? And I know I made myself memorable, because I have big hair and crazy boots, I was running, and I am the only person at this stop! After that, the driver who had such steadiness and serenity the previous afternoon became possessed by a fever of brake slamming. Even after the passenger who reeked of his own urine left the seat next to me and the bus altogether, I felt dangerously nauseous due to the the constant jerky brake-slamming. I never get carsick. Very little reading of months-old Newsweek got accomplished during that bus ride.

Today's prompt is: Talk about your favourite bookstore. I wish I had a good answer for this. I just don't have one. The closest thing I have to a favorite bookstore is the Multnomah County Library. Of course, like any book-loving Portlander, I like Powell's. I like the Hawthorne location, because it's smaller, more manageable, with a great selection of postcards and locally-designed greeting cards. I rarely leave that store without making an unplanned purchase.

Right after I got my drivers license, I liked going to the Montclair Book Center, a huuuuuuuuge store on Glenridge Ave with lots and lots and lots of used book center. Before I had a drivers license, my bookstore of choice was the small store in my hometown. Every summer after I turned fourteen, I would bring to the store a typed copy of my resume (which at that time consisted of things like, "4.0 GPA" and "Youngest assistant editor of SHS Art and Literary Magazine since 1979"). Every summer, they would politely tell me that they did not have any openings, and I would wonder, why!? couldn't they just give me a few hours a week anyway!? Because I knew nothing about business. Not until I was sixteen and started running my own. And even then, when I had a successful piano teaching business, I would still bring my resume to the Sparta Book Shop at the beginning of every summer.

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