Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Things for Tuesday

1. NaBloPoMo Daily Prompt Today's prompt is: Do you prefer to own books or borrow them from a friend or the library? My answer is that of those three things, I least prefer to borrow books from a friend. I am too afraid of damaging them. Why I do not have this fear when it comes to library books (other than the fact that those books are usually hardcover and plastic-wrapped) is a mystery. Maybe it's because I can hide behind the semi-anonymity of a many-digit library card number. I don't mind owning books, especially e-books, but because I have moved so much in the last two years, I try not to acquire too much bulky stuff.

2. More Love for TriMet My new hours at work have me taking the bus at different times. So far, the morning and afternoon bus drivers are friendly and polite. No break-slamming pedestrian-narrowly-missing crazies. You know what I'm talking about, if you've ever taken TriMet (and probably other city buses will give you the same experience.) The bus drivers that are drunk with their newfound power and seem to relish barking at riders to get behind the yellow line, if they take too long fumbling for their bus fare; and shaking the head, with a smile, as they close the door in the face of a running would-be passenger. The ones that, if you pull the yellow cord too late, say, "Sorry, I can't turn back time!" Um...anyway. None of those on my route. The nice thing about the earlier times, too, is that there are seats on the bus, both ways, so I can read my outdated Newsweeks. I just read an article about how Osama bin Laden was still at large.

3. More Nonfiction Another of my odd choices of bus time reading is travel magazines. Except not the ones you pay for. The free ones that some Oregon agency puts together and has out at rest areas. I always have collected them (recycling them at appropriate times, not hoarding them) and on our last Southern Oregon Adventure (to be documented in full shortly), I actually read some of them and they came in handy. That was how we learned about things to do in and around Klamath Falls and that was how we learned about Newberry Volcanic National Monument. It finally dawned on me that this knowledge will be of more use to me if I have it before we set out on, or even start planning trips, instead of while we're on the road and short on time. At first, I thought it might be too dorky to read these touristy things on the bus, but then I thought, "Who cares?" People bring trash bags full of recycling onto the bus. Yesterday I saw a guy with a huge container of animal crackers. There is a guy who wears pink and pigtails, and I saw him again wearing a fashionable combat boots and green jacket ensemble. (I wanted to tell him that his eye makeup looked great, and that I thought he looked good, like some male rock stars, but something tells me, based on the previous pink and pigtail outfit, that he might not have found that last part to be a compliment. Well, the outfit worked, is my point, but that doesn't mean everyone thinks so, or that people won't stare.) My point is, there are plenty of odd things for people to look at besides my dorky guide to Central Oregon that is full of ads for resorts and expensive stuff in Sunriver.

4. This morning, someone asked me if I lost weight. I think this was the first time someone asked, and I said, happily, YES!!!!

5. Experiment in Baguette Baking I'm warning you now, you might not want to look at the picture. I tried to make buckwheat baguettes, and not the recipe from Local Breads that so many food bloggers have raved about. (That was all that came up when I searched for a recipe.) So, I used my best judgment and the notes on my baguette recipe for "adding up to 1/3 of an alternate flour."

First of all, they didn't rise, after I'd rolled them out. For some reason, I rolled them really long and thin, and they were too long for my pan. I tried to braid or roll them, but I was too rushed to do so carefully. Also, buckwheat flour is a dark gray, almost black.

The result is not quite aesthetically pleasing. And one final warning, the first thought that came in my head when I saw them was, "These baguettes look obscene!" I feel like certain judges would express disapproval, if they saw them. Perhaps because they reminded me of a prompt for drawing that I once saw in a party game ("Squiggly lines having sex"), the first words that popped into my head were, "Condemnation of these baguettes has ancient roots. Thirteen states have prohibited these baguettes, and four enforce prohibition against these baguettes." So, now that you have been warned, scroll down IF YOU DARE.

Here is a picture of my new kitchen as a buffer:


But they tasted good!

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