Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What We Did On Our Trip To Southern Oregon

Many things to write about resulted from this trip. For now, the short version is here, in list form.

From Southern Oregon Adventure July 2011

1. Handsome Man and I left Portland at about 4:30 on Thursday.
2. We stopped at the Santiam rest area, where I saw a rainbow!
3. We drove to Albany and stopped at a Fred Meyer for some trip essentials.
4. We drove to Market of Choice in Eugene for more trip essentials (beer and hot sauce.)
5. South of Eugene, we left the freeway for Highway 58, the most direct route to the North Entrance of Crater Lake, which goes through the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests and therefore, would take us by lots of cheap, no-reservations-required Forest Service campgrounds. This is what I thought.
6.ODOT was doing nighttime road work and paving on Highway 58, causing us to get to our campsite very late.
7.We didn't get to set up camp until 10:30pm. In the darkness, we did not know we were camping right by lovely Odell Lake which reflects majestic Diamond Peak. On the bright side, we were less than two hours from Crater Lake.
8. On Friday morning, we got back on Highway 58, heading for US-97, the Dalles-California Highway.
9. We stopped in a town called Chemult to eat breakfast at the Big Mt Cafe
10. We went to Crater Lake National Park and went on a hike.
11. We swam in Crater Lake. I did not know that was possible. In fact, I was thoroughly convinced that you could not swim in Crater Lake! (You can only get to the shore and swim in the lake in one place, Readers, so don't get any ideas!)
12. We drove completely around Crater Lake.
13. Starving and tired, desperate for cheeseburgers, we drove another hour south to Klamath Falls, the seat of Klamath County, 20 miles or less from the California state line...a city I never planned on visiting.
14. We went to The Creamery, the restaurant/brew pub of the Klamath Basin Brewing Company.
15. We got fried mac and cheese. It deserves its own list entry. Trust me.
16. The next morning, we explored downtown Klamath Falls before stopping for breakfast.
17. We started driving back north toward Portland, passing Klamath Lake and many other beautiful things I'd like to someday visit again.
18. We decided to bypass Highway 58 and stay on US-97 a little longer, heading for Bend and for the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Deschutes National Forest.
19. We hiked the Big Obsidian Flow trail at Newberry National Volcanic Monument. It is as awesome as it sounds.
20. We continued driving north, bypassing Bend and stopping instead in Sisters, where we ate dinner at Three Rivers Brewing Co.
21. We drove west on the Over the Rivers and Through the Woods Scenic Byway, through the Santiam Pass and more national forest land, toward I-5, toward Portland, and toward home.

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