Friday, July 01, 2011

Trillium Lake

National Blog Posting Month's theme for July is "swim," and today's prompt is, "Where would you love to go swimming?" My post title is my answer.

Around this time last year, my friends and I started to make use of my new Northwest Forest Pass to go to Mount Hood National Forest, frequently stopping at Trillium Lake to walk around, picnic, and even once, swim.

Where I am from, you can swim in lots of lakes. Here, I have never found a lake that anyone would normally want to swim in. The water comes from snow melt on the mountains. It is always ice cold.

Except once. Portland had its yearly summer heat wave. All my friends and I wanted to do was swim in a lake. It was so hot, that even glacial Trillium Lake sounded nice. And it was. Nice, but not glacial. It had been so hot, that even the waters of Trillium Lake were warm. We swam in waters that reflected the towering Mount Hood, like a white and silver snow-topped pyramid.

It would be nice if I could provide illustration for this, don't you think? The pictures exist, but they are locked on my main laptop, which is currently in a near-dead state and in the hands of a friend who may be able to revive it. If he succeeds, I will come back and add photos to this post.

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