Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Things for Wednesday

1. Fava Shoots. You may be asking yourself, "What does that mean? Is that a sentence!?" It is a noun, a type of vegetable. At one of the farmers markets in town, there is a stand that always has interesting things that I've either never heard of before, or have heard of but never had the opportunity to see in real life or try before. Usually, it's somewhat pricey, but not a lot of money. Like $3 for a small amount of something. So, if you wanted a lot of that thing, it would be pricey, but $3 is not a lot of money and, in my opinion, worth it for nice, fresh produce and trying something new. The bag of fava shoots that I purchased from that stand nearly two weeks ago was huge, however, and the shoots kept. I was able to try them a number of different ways. The woman who sold them to me told me to, "use them like pea shoots," and when I told her I had never eaten pea shoots before, she gave me some suggestions. I made them into a salad with arugula from my balcony garden. I grilled them. I made them into a salad by themselves. (Actually, Handsome Man did.) Finally, last night, I used them up by making a pesto. It was really good, and really interesting. So, if you ever find yourself with the opportunity to try fava shoots, I recommend it. They taste familiar, yet I'm having trouble describing them. Sort of green, sort of earthy.

2. Things Happening In The Balcony Garden Speaking of legumes, my pea plant is finally producing some pea pods. I think I counted three yesterday. And after several weeks of being lushy and leafy, my zinnias and nasturtiums have flower buds. My crocosmia started bloomning, at least two weeks later than anyone else's in the neighborhood, while I was out of town. My mustard greens, lettuces, and arugula, on the other hand, bolted. They flowered before the things I wanted to flower showed the tiniest suggestion of a bud.

3. The Summer That Isn't. Speaking of the slow progress of my north-facing balcony garden, this has been one of the least summery summers I've ever known. This isn't to say we've had beautiful weather. A sunny, cloudless sky, with temperatures in the comfortable 70's and a light breeze is nothing to complain about. But it hasn't even reached 90 in Portland this summer, not once. For someone used to summers with temperatures nearing 100, and the percentage of humidity nearing that number, too, it's just strange. Sometimes I think that the weather in Portland is just fall or spring, for twelve months.

4. Best Baguettes. Speaking of things you can do when the temperature is below 90 degrees, I made baguettes. This is kind of an ugly picture, but I don't care. I am so proud of my baguettes.

From Food

5. Change First of all, you may note that while the title refers to Wednesday, today is actually Thursday. This should tell you something about my life right now. (Or, well, all the time.) One reason for a short, list post. Also, I've drafted some posts from the list posted yesterday, but I want to wait until the pictures get developed and uploaded to Picasa before I post all about the Southern Oregon Adventure. Things are changing now, and the biggest is that tomorrow, I can start moving into the new apartment with Handsome Man. I asked Handsome Man if I can stop calling him that on this blog, and just use his real name like normal life. He wavered, and so from tomorrow on, Handsome Man will be referred to as The Roommate.

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