Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June and Thinking about Change

Happy June! We are supposed to have sun this weekend. I am very excited. Maybe soon we can even turn the heat off!

I should probably change my winter, snowscape masthead soon. I don't know if I have the energy to make a new one yet.

Also, I'm thinking that I'd like to change the name of this blog. Big-Haired Jersey Girl was supposed to be temporary. I feel like the use of "haired" as an adjective is kind of awkward; plus, lately there have been more and more people finding this blog because they searched for something with "haired" and "girls". Ewwww. There have also been a lot of searches about high school girls' thighs since I wrote this post. Ewwww again. It is only a matter of time before "thighs" and "haired" come up in the same search term that leads someone to this blog.

What do you think, readers? Should I change this blog's name and if so, to what? Or is this blog title too closely linked to its identity?

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