Friday, June 24, 2011

Back in Oregon


From Sunrise Mountain

I'm back! But with very limited Internet capabilities.

The time when my posting began to dwindle was marked by lots happening at school, lots happening at work, car trouble, and even some doctor visits. Then I went out of town and stayed in a place with spotty Internet. Then I came home to a house with no Internet. I don't plan on getting Internet for awhile, not until there are more people with whom I can split the bill. Plus, it's summer! It's too nice out to be on the Internet all day. I live in a city! If I need Internet, there are plenty of places I can go get it.

From Kittatinny Valley State Park

I've been getting Internet, however, with my Nook or my not-so-smart phone, which means I haven't had much access to a real keyboard or the pictures I've wanted to upload.

From Storm King

So for now, I'm just posting a few pictures. More stories later!

From Storm King

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