Friday, May 27, 2011

More interesting things from the rest of the Internet

Allergies and allergy medicine are making me too loopy to write a good story, so here's some other interesting writing.

Top 50 Women in Food. I'm linking to the Bust blog that links to the actual list, because that's how I learned about it. The Bust blog post opens with, "Everybody loves Jamie, Gordon, Emeril and Mario, but food isn’t a boys club by any means. While the cult of the celebrity chef has its fair share of males, the contributions of women to American food are undeniably important in shaping our food culture and community." The list is interesting, and even though I think some women were unfairly left off the list, I'm kind of glad Julie Powell is on it. I've written here multiple times stating that, while she's not my favorite writer and I don't agree with her on all things, I feel like she gets way more crap than she deserves.

The very existence of such a list, Top 50 Women in Food, or Top #### Women in Anything, touches on something that annoys me, and maybe only me. This is the reason I included the opening lines from the Bust blog post. I'm sort of getting tired of seeing Best Women or Top Women anything. Why can't we just say, Best People or Top 50 People? Why do we have to divide men and women so much? Are people afraid that women will be underrepresented on such lists? If they are, so be it. That's an indication of a problem and it makes the problem more difficult to ignore. (The problem could either be that women are underrepresented or that the person/people/institution responsible for the list fails to notice the presence of women in whatever field.) I am starting to feel like all of this Best Women stuff is further widening the gender gap and further keeping women in a subordinate status. Am I alone in this?

My thoughts on an article I recently shared, about baby Storm and his/her family, are connected to this. That's all I'll say for now.

Also from Bust, there is now academic proof that the very existence of plus size models is responsible for an increase in obesity. I've actually had this on my "To Write About" list for a month. When I have some time, I'd love to find the actual study that "found" this, and see how this could be "proven." It's not just that I disagree, it's that I don't see how you can prove something like this.

While I'm already talking about feminism, did you know that women who change their last name to their husband's upon getting married make less money than women who keep their last name? If you're reached your New York Times monthly article limit, you can read about the same study covered by The Wall Street Journal instead. It's tempting to say that this is one more reason to keep your name, but really, it just represents an alarming trend and a stupid prejudice!

So, Readers, what do you think of all this?

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