Sunday, May 29, 2011

Highlights from the Blog Revision Project - 2007

Above, what I looked like after one year of Botany School

This project began at the end of 2010, when I didn't have school to take up my time. The project is an attempt to make the older writing on this blog, from the days when I had no readers and no expectations of attracting any, accessible. This means correcting the grammar and typos (when they don't contribute somehow to the story or style), adding some formatting (just HTML codes for paragraphs so that there are indents and line breaks), and adding descriptive tags to each post. In some cases, I've even retroactively added pictures--usually photographs from the event actually being described in the post. Now, here's where it gets a little sketchy; I am actually editing some of the text. I'm taking out references to anything with the smallest chance of being incriminating, mostly about my family, friends, or former employers. I've taken out anything that I've decided I now want to keep a secret because frankly, that is my right. Most of the textual changes I've made have been clarifying stringy, rambling sentences.

Which is why 2007 was such a challenge. My writing that year was marked by rambling. It's taking me, me! the person who wrote all of this!, so long to edit these posts because so much of my writing at that time was a wall of where-am-I-now-and-where-should-my-life-go?-P.S.-Nature-is-pretty text that even I find inscrutable. In a lot of cases, I've decided to just format the paragraph indents and leave everything else alone.

So I've stopped in the middle of August. Here are some of my favorites.

Love and Value-Added Agricultural Produce
Mixed Up
Sleepwalking Strip Malls I feel like I should re-read this every three months or so to remind myself of some things, especially as I continue to pursue a life with Dorothea Brook complex.
On Not Being a Snake or Termite

And, in case you were not reading in late 2010, here are Highlights from 2006.

UPDATE: After going through what remained of 2007, only one other post belonged on the "favorites" list, so there will be no Second Half of 2007 highlights.

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