Friday, May 27, 2011

And more

I forgot to share this. Now I want to read The Flipside of Feminism, which I'd like to point out, while the image in the link above shows the subtitle as, "What smart women know -- and men can't say," an alternate edition has the subtitle read, "What conservative women know -- and men can't say" (emphasis mine.) Since feminism isn't strictly limited to non-conservatives, I wonder how conservative women would feel being generalized and lumped into whatever the message of this book is. The Bust writeup makes it sound incredibly distasteful, as do the comments made by people who read and liked the book, but lately I've decided that if I want to get anything done in the world, I have to familiarize myself with opposing viewpoints and maybe even learn to respect them. The Multnomah County Library doesn't carry this book, so I've requested it from Interlibrary Loan. I'll report back once I've read it!

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