Friday, April 15, 2011

Thoughts on Trees, and then a digression

Taken on April 9th at Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene

On a "list of things to write about" that has existed for about a year, there is a note that just reads, "Magnolias -- fleeting beauty." I can imagine what I wanted to say with this note, but I think I've forgotten whatever eloquent wording I had dreamed up.

Now I've looked up the list and gotten horribly sidetracked. Now I want to tell you about, "The time that the landlord's son came to introduce himself and I had crazy hair and a beet-juice stained T shirt," "You can only bring ONE toy," and "Code word is 'Let's go.'" I wish I could remember exactly what I was trying to say when I jotted down, "Food outside of Portland. Cheese with chunks of bacon in it - 'keep Pfizer in business.' 'What are all the bad guys names?'" WHAT!? I need to start dating these things!

There's also a note that says, "mom and heavy thighs," and I would like to tell you, it is not as bad as it sounds. (This is a good way to test if my mother is reading.)

What's really distracted me is the list of things related to, "Magnolias and fleeting beauty." These include, "A whole floral post - look up old notes (double hellebores etc)," and also, "Double hellebores and double hepaticas. They are beautiful but there's something to be said for the straight variety - after awhile the doubles look the same, at least in floral morphology. The double flower, especially with its universality, can look really cool with the unique leaf forms of different species/genera. But there's something to be said for unique floral morphology, which makes things like Aquilegia [columbine] and Helleborus so special. [Not to mention hepatica!]"

And what inspired all of this digging into the distant past that was March 2010 was noticing yesterday two trees across the road from one another. It was a magnolia in bloom and a horse chestnut, which will bloom in May or so; I recall last May as I made many drives up 39th Avenue from my old apartment to visit a certain Handsome Man, the roads were lined with horse chestnuts that had exploded into so many flowers, the experience of the drive bordered on surreal.

Anyway, the horse chestnut, which was waving small, bright green, newly unfurled palm-like leaves, stood opposite the magnolia in full bloom despite the many pink-and-white tepals dropping to the ground, like a promise of what is to come when the fleeting beauty of the blossoming magnolia has dissolved into branches and leaves.

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Sif said...

The trees sound pretty! Take some pics, plz. :)