Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick update/Spring is finally here!

A quick little lunch break update, since I have not been posting as much or as lengthily lately. I have so many stories I would love to tell you!

It is finally really spring in Portland now. It has been sunny, with not much rain, all week. Yesterday, it rained on and off, but it didn't rain all day. That's what I expect from Portland, or at least, I consider it "nice weather" even if it rains a little, if there is just some sun during the day. I especially like waking up in the morning to sun. Since I was here exactly one year ago, I can think back to that time, to a memory of this place at this time of year, without it being so new as it was last year. Now it's familiar - waking up to bright sun, having "nice days" that are a mix of sun and rain. Knowing how warm it will get (or not get) and knowing how to dress for the weather each day. Last year, it was still a bit mysterious, harder to routinize, more time consuming to get ready and out the door each day.

A year ago at this time, my life in Portland, which was perfectly nice but full of uncertainty and devoid of employment, was finally starting to make sense. I am the kind of person who can't be settled, emotionally, if I don't know where I'm going. Things could be nice in my life, but if the near future is uncertain, I worry. I worry that I will lose the nice things I have and it will be all my fault for not preparing. Of course I know that this is silly. So, bringing this back to my original topic, a year ago, I was finally happy with my life in Portland because it had direction, purpose, and schedule. Prior to that, things were great, but because I didn't know what was coming next (mostly because I was unemployed), I was too anxious to fully enjoy it. And then in April, a volunteer position provided the promise of a job; I had something to put on my resume, finally! I had a reason to wear something other than jeans, and I had a place to go three or four days a week. It was also about a year ago that my relationship with my boyfriend began. The job and the relationship began in the same week. As an interesting note, it was also a year prior to that, that I interviewed for and was offered the job that took me to Oregon in the first place. I would say, "April is a time for life changes," but this year, it has not been. It has been a time of comfortably settling in.

I took the above photograph on one of my long walks this week. In this post, I wrote a lot about plants. Sif commented that I ought to provide pictures of these plants, so I dutifully took some cell phone pictures when I stumbled across the plants in question. I could not take a picture of the horse chestnut and magnolia that I'd written about, because I was driving at the time; and last year I for some reason failed to take pictures of all of the plants I had written those notes about. So, the above photo of double hellebores planted next to regular, single hellebores, is partly to illustrate that former post about plants. The red leaves in the bottom left corner are not from the flowers pictured; they are from a plant in the genus Heuchera that is mostly planted for its colorful leaves. It is shade tolerant, like hellebores, and a common staple of shade gardens because it brings so much color to otherwise dark spaces.

See, the botanylicious blog sometimes actually is botanical.

I hope you are having a happy, beautiful spring wherever you are. Today the high is supposed to be 63! Finally!


Anonymous said...

During a brief snowstorm this a.m. I treated myself to a trip to the nursery and purchased a hellebore, among others things, and now it's in the ground under the what- will- be- shade of the aspen grove. Mine isn't blooming but I remember seeing the ones in bloom as we walked from the Japanese garden, past the tennis players toward the Rose Garden. They are harbingers of Spring for sure. I like to think of them as being tenacious.....snow doesn't stop them from plowing through. Love your pics and this blog. Babs

Sarah said...

Thanks for your nice comment. I'll try to keep posting more things about flowers! I think hellebores are tenacious for sure -- pests and deer don't really bother them, they do well in shade, and also they are really poisonous! We saw some the other day that looked actually black. I know there are no true black flowers, and that there are a lot of purple-black and blue-black hellebores, but these hellebores were the blackest I've ever seen.