Monday, April 04, 2011

Our romantic trip to the desert

This reminds me that I failed to, last June, write about my boyfriend's and my first trip together to Southern Oregon and Northern California. At the time, we had only been dating for two months, and many of our acquaintance warned us that it was tempting fate to go on a road trip together, especially so early in the relationship. But we had a lovely time, and I remarked, to everyone who asked us later how the trip went, upon this pleasant surprise: "We didn't fight at all! Not once!"
HAHAHAHA. I was so young and idealistic.
Now, if we had really fought on our trip, I would not be writing about it on my blog. But when I compared that trip to our interactions, mostly during the driving part of the trip, on this most recent trip, I laugh at the difference, because the difference was plenty of disagreement and even arguing (!!!), which I summarize as, on this trip, plenty of honesty. More than once I noticed other people who heard us, quiet though we tried to be, "discussing" particulars of the trip, laughing or smiling and stifling public laughter at us. Maybe you, too, will laugh.
We were driving to the middle of nowhere, and opted to take a route over the Cascade Mountains and also through some snowstorms. To make the most of our trip, we had to leave (or at least, try to) before it was fully light out. Our first night, we stayed at a deserted campground in a nearly deserted desert, with sleeping bags that weren't quite rated to the cold we'd face, without showers or sinks or even true toilets, and here we were met with wind, rain, more wind, and more rainstorms.
Class is starting, so I'll end here.

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