Monday, April 04, 2011

I can't!

I have been dutifully listening to the news every day, Morning Edition while I make coffee, pack a lunch, and heat up breakfast; All Things Considered while I wash the breakfast dishes that were left in the sink, clean my apartment, and start on dinner; Weekend Edition when I lazily drink coffee and make skillet potatoes, and then start some weekend project like moving the appliances to clean behind them or reorganizing a cabinet. I got home from class this evening, filled with energy despite the late hour, so I thought I'd start a cake (at least make the batter) or put my dishes away. I started to put the news on as my background noise, but this was one of the main headlines, with the subtitle that Gadhafi's forces are even attacking hospitals. And there was a picture of wreckage in Japan. Attacking hospitals!?

I can't take it anymore. I. Can't. I was trying to be a big girl and keep up with what's going on in the world (but with the radio, which has no pictures, with NPR whose reporters always sound so calm, as opposed to the ones that yell and assert who is to blame for each tragedy and the impending imminent doom our future brings...). I was trying not to be a news-ostrich, but I need a little break. No more. Maybe The Daily Show. That's all I can handle right now!

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Ellen said...

i used to listen to npr when i worked at this christmas shop (before the season really started obviously...then my boss broke out the yani) and mostly what i remember about it was my struggle not to fall asleep after about ten minutes of listening.